Fighting Against Pet Obesity

Everyone has heard how the USA is becoming well known for its obesity epidemic. Did you know that our pets are experiencing obesity in increasing numbers as well?

“An Estimated 58% of Cats and 54% of Dogs in the United States are Overweight or Obese”

This statement comes from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

What are some ways that we can combat obesity in our pet’s so that they may live a long and healthy life with us?

  1. Exercising your pet through physical activity
  2. Growing in knowledge of caloric needs for your pet’s life stage
  3. Asking your veterinarian for nutritional counseling

How does your pet weigh in?

 Canine Body Condition Score

Feline Body Condition Score

Dr. Day and Gill, along with our qualified technicians, can easily calculate your pet’s calorie needs based on the food your feed them in order to maintain, increase, or decrease weight as needed for their life stage. Give us a call for an appointment time to discuss your pet’s needs!