Pharmacy / Medical Diets


Pharmacy and Medical Diets


At South Park Animal Hospital, we maintain a pharmacy inventory in house for the medications, nutraceuticals, and other items which our veterinarians prescribe with the most frequency to their patients. Some of these items are analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, antifungals, probiotics, hormones, and more.

Any medication that is not available can be ordered and/0r a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice can be provided.

At times, the veterinarian may recommend a compounded medication for your pet. This is usually due to a disparity between the size of your pet and the dosage available commercially of a certain medication. The veterinarian will recommend this in order to provide the safest effective dose of medication to your beloved pet.

Medical Diets

Medical, or “prescription”, diets are employed by veterinarians for many different reasons. We use them to aid in management of metabolic disorders, organ dysfunction maintenance, weight loss, and critical care.

Documentation can be easily provided for any item not in stock at a time of need; however, we are more than happy to order any item as needed for your pet’s health!

Adjunctive Products

Products such as vitamins or nutraceuticals for joint, skin, or geriatric health are available. Your veterinarian will discuss and make recommendations based on your pet’s needs.

Cleansers and Skin/Coat Care

We offer many medicated shampoos and conditioners based on a pet’s diagnosis or for preventive purposes.