Bathing and Personal Care

At South Park Animal Hospital we offer both normal bathing and medicated bathing for dogs and cats. If our veterinarians diagnose a dermatologic ailment, part of their treatment protocol may include frequents baths with a medicated shampoo. Remember, not every medicated shampoo is the same! They each have a different function or mode of action. Many times these medicated shampoos require prolonged contact with the skin surface prior to rinsing in order to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect.

We also provide treatment for external parasites and mange via baths and/or medications. Limited grooming is available by appointment only, and only when deemed medically necessary by the veterinarian. Please speak with Dr. Day if you have any questions or concerns!

Other personal care items that can be performed are the following: ear cleaning, expression of the anal sac glandular secretions, and nail trims with buffing.